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Growing Apples

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Apple Orchard takes a bite at Organic

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Apple Cider… For Adults?

As some of you may know, Hard Cider (as it’s know in the US) has been a staple in many European countries for years! England is especially well known for their cider, and it is a frequent in bars all around Britain!

Hard Cider

A few week, representatives went to a seminar by the Cornell Cooperative Extension that was essentially a networking meeting between apple growers and cider producers in NY. It turns out that the soil and land in NY (the same soil & land that supply us with world-class apples) is really perfect for growing cider apples! A representative from Angry Orchard spoke at the meeting and provided all in attendance with numbers regarding the growth of hard cider sales in the US, and it is quite literally taking the country by storm! Hard Cider is an incredible (& tasty!) alternative to beer. It is being found in more and more bars around the US and is a naturally gluten free option to the normal beer. Its crisp flavor and mild alcohol content sets it aside from the normal selection found in grocery stores and pubs around the states.

We already know apples have incredible health benefits, and alcohol has negative health effects. What about a combination? A casual drink amongst friends can be a nice addition, and crisp cider can only improve it! Craft ciderys are also increasing with the market, and the market is not 100% controlled by big names yet! As a beginner market, there is an opportunity for young ciderys and orchards to break in an begin producing high quality ciders.

Keep and eye out for Rent an Apple Tree products, and next time you’re at the bar, step outside the box! Order a cider & relax as your palate is presently surprised by a crisp, flavorful, apple-infused refreshment! Don’t forget to visit our website in the meantime!


What is Rent an Apple Tree?

So, I know this blog is often full of (delicious!) recipes, but not a whole lot about what we at Rent an Apple Tree actually do! First and foremost, Rent an Apple Tree is actually a unique gift idea, perfect for anyone! The Rent an Apple Tree Orchard is in Lowman, NY, and is a family owned and run orchard. We have all sorts of apple varieties, from Macoun and Liberty to Ginger Gold and Royal Empire.


We offer the unique opportunity for you to rent your very own tree for the duration of a year! We take care of your tree for you, prune it, harvest it, and send you your apples! Renting an apple tree is a perfect gift for that person who has everything. The recipient will receive a personalized rental certificate, Rent an Apple Tree gift bags, as well as 48 of our fresh, Upstate NY apples! Our apples are never frozen or treated with nitrogen, and they are shipped right after harvest directly to your door!

Then, once your 48 fantastic apples are at your doorstep, visit us back here on this blog for some more excellent ideas for recipes! Feel free to call or email with any questions you may have after visiting our official Website!


The REAL way to do it…

So, this previous year I roomed with a girl who was of Polish decent, and she let me know I had been making pirogues wrong my entire life! Her mom came up to cook us a Polish feast one night, and I got quite the lesson.

The first mistake I’ve been making, pirogues aren’t meant to be solely boiled! Once they come out of the steaming water, the next step is to heat oil in a pan and put them in it. Once the first side is nice and crispy, flip it over & crisp up the other side!

Next comes the only thing that it must be accompanied with, fried apples and onions! Slice the apple nice and thin (I used Gala) and chop the onions.


Add some more oil to the pan where the pirogues were just cooked (so the flavor carries over) and let them get soft & a little crisped.


Once the “salad” (as it was referred to during the cooking process during the traditional dinner…) is prepared, put a nice helping of it on the plate and spread it out so it forms a layer on the bottom. Next, top it with your crisped pirogues.



Now, make sure to get a bite of onions, apple, and pirogue all at once, and ENJOY! I cannot believe I have been doing this wrong my entire life, however, I am glad I was properly informed before it was too late!! Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this tasty new way to make this meal, or even if we’re just late to the game & this is how you’ve been doing it forever!

Once you’re done enjoying this tasty treat, head on over to our official RentanAppleTree.com website to order some of our delicious, Upstate NY apples and enjoy this dish all summer long!


Apple Chutney



  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 pounds tart green apples (such as Granny Smith), peeled, cored, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 10 large garlic cloves
  • 1 2-ounce piece fresh ginger, peeled, coarsely chopped
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
  • 1 1/2 cups (packed) golden raisins
  • 2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds


  1. Bring vinegar and sugar to boil in heavy large nonaluminum saucepan, stirring until sugar dissolves. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat.
  2. Toss apples and lemon juice in large bowl. Combine garlic, ginger, salt and red pepper in processor; blend until finely chopped. Add apple and garlic mixtures, raisins and mustard seeds to vinegar.
  3. Simmer until apples are tender and chutney thickens, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes. Place in bowl. Cool. Cover; chill. (Can be made 1 week ahead. Keep chilled.)

Apple Cinnamon Jam

Ok, so I tried the apple jam I posted about on here a few days ago! Here are some photos from the process:

IMG_8374This is what it looked like when I was boiling the liquid with the sugar added. I added a few diced apple pieces for extra flavor and decoration!

IMG_8371This is what the apple peel looked like once I had finished boiling it!! It was bright red when I began believe it or not!

IMG_8376Here is the finished product! Unfortunately, mine did not jell up quite as nicely as one would have hoped when looking for jelly. I think it might have had to do with my candy thermometer, I’m not sure it still works so well, so it is possible it did not reach all the way to 220F as is necessary.

Although the consistency was not what I might have hoped for entirely, the flavor is fantastic!! I added a spoonful of apple sauce to mine as well and some cinnamon just to jazz up the flavor. I’d hate for this to go to waste, so I’m coming up with a way I can still use what I created here!! Stay tuned to see how I put it to good use! In the meantime, head on over to RentanAppleTree.com to get some of your very own Rent an Apple Tree apples come harvest season!!

Tip to Tail

I was watching reruns of Iron Chef the other evening and I came across an interesting (& awesome) POV- Tip to Tail. The secret ingredient was salmon & one of the iron chefs decided to take the “nothing wasted” frame of mind about the challenge.

This got me thinking, everything about apples is awesome, & there is no good reason any bit should go to waste! For that very reason I searched the web high & low to bring you all the simplest, tastiest, jelly recipe I could find using (here’s the kicker!) apple peels and cores! It looks so good, I might just have to try it soon… Check it out-


  • Cores and peels from 5 apples
  • Water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Cinnamon (optional)


  1. Put apple cores & peels in a pot with just enough water to cover them, bring to a boil, let boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Strain the large chunks with a colander so a sweet pink liquid is left.
  3. Poor back into pot with a  cup of sugar, bring to a boil and use a thermometer to let it reach 220F. *If you are choosing to make cinnamon apple jam, put the cinnamon in hear to taste*
  4. Pour into a jar & ta-da!!
  5. Enjoy your delicious, homemade jelly!

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